Wonderful Staff

Wonderful Staff

I stayed here with my wife and 2 brothers for 10 times, and it was a fantastic trip. The apartments were clean and clean and were washed daily. The pool and pool area was ideal and never really active. It’s also just a couple of minutes walk from the shore. The food was also quite excellent. This is helped by exceptionally welcoming, friendly, and helpful owners and staff. Would definitely go back.

This hotel was fantastic! The rooms are super large and comfy! Everything tidy and the superb staff type that they recommended us the tulum fly fishing trips! The only problem possibly, the place, but it is well worth it! Beer is cheap, the food is yummy (breakfast is actually sufficient for the afternoon ), and the pool is fantastic!

My partner and I stayed here for two weeks at the start of August. I asked the 2nd floor flat, and Dimitris piled this the next moment. The apartment had everything we had with a huge balcony and a sea view. This is the best place to stay if you need quiet and peace.

The beach and pool area were equally calm, and on a few of those days, I had the pool place to myself! You will definitely have to employ some kind of transportation to get about (although the walk across the beach is beautiful ) it’s the first time that I have pushed on the correct, but I managed excellently, and we drove around. Trips to not overlook.

If like us you want more on your daily diet, request rice, which a number of the restaurants will cater to. The Cellar Tavern on the sea leading to Kissamos center had some beautiful meals. Overall I would highly recommend it!

Excellent family run really convenient quiet location. Not far from Kissamos around 4K that you’ll be able to walk but might suggest a vehicle.

You’ll require a vehicle, best to pick this up at the airport. Mountains and historical ruins. City of kissamos little and friendly. Food is excellent. British war cemetery nearby is composed. I really do recommend this place.