First holiday to Riviera Maya

First holiday to Riviera Maya

There was a show every evening in the theatre. Unfortunately, we didn’t go and see any of these so can’t comment on them it wasn’t our type of evening entertainment. There used to be entertainment in the plaza bar every evening after the theatre show would finish which we watched most evenings. Would mostly be singers or dance which we enjoyed and always managed to get everyone singing was excellent table service for drinks at this bar on an evening.

The sports bar is an excellent addition to this hotel as it’s 24 hours which is attractive and had a high snack menu which we used quite often if we found ourselves peckish or didn’t fancy the buffet. All drinks at the bars use premium spirits not local, which we were surprised by but again a nice touch.

If you fancy a trip into Playa del Carmen, the hotel puts on a shuttle service daily running every 4 hours each way and is only 50 pesos each way per person. We went down on the 9 am a shuttle to see what was around there was the usual tourist shops but also cute high street shops in centers. We got a taxi back to the hotel as it was far to hot the cab only cost 300 pesos if using a taxi make sure to confirm the amount and currency you are paying in before getting in.

There is an ice cream parlor on-site which is hidden out of the way, and we only tried on our last day. People there is friendly and offer great travel tips like the cozumel sea trek tours. Wish we had gone sooner as this place was amazing it had a tremendous retro American diner theme and an extensive menu to choose from.

There is a spa on site which we didn’t use so can’t comment on. There is a jewelry shop and souvenir/shop on site for the basics you may have forgotten like sun lotion or travel adapter as we did.

Finally, the best part of this hotel is the wildlife on-site there are loads of coatis which run around regularly and are not scared to rummage through your bag if left on a sun lounger. There are loads of cats which all seem to have their own spot and never move from them all are friendly and will enjoy a place of attention. The highlight for us was walking the main path to the hotel lobby and having spider monkeys walk past us never been anywhere before that this would happen.

Under the bridge to the chill-out bar, there are crocodiles we didn’t see any adults but saw a baby crocodile. I love the conservation of animals at this resort and would enjoy seeing all these animals every day. Overall we were more than impressed with our stay here after reading previous reviews about this resort we were skeptical. The staff do not stop working and are all so friendly and always smiling; they are an asset to this hotel. Would come back to this hotel in a second. Oh and finally a shoutout to Ariana the photographer who was lovely and would take the time to go and get to know you and give you tips for the area.